Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tips in Northern Ireland

Carry out an annual Fire Risk Assessment.

Test Fire Alarm Systems and Call Points weekly. (Record Findings).

Visually check Fire Extinguishers regularly to ensure they are in the correct place and have not been tampered with.

Ensure Annual Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment.

Annual General Fire Awareness training for all staff.

Appoint Fire Wardens and provide annual Fire Warden Training.

Ensure PAT Testing is carried out annually.

Ensure an adequate Way Finding Signage System is fitted.

An Automatic Fire Suppression System should be considered for areas of high risk or protection of critical equipment.

Ensure good housekeeping policies are adopted and maintained.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are crucial.  Contact us for a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is crucial.  Contact us to get your staff team up to speed.

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